Triple Glazed Windows: 5 Benefits for Your Comfort

Good window insulation is essential to guarantee superior energy performance, maximum comfort for the occupants and significant savings on heating costs! While double-glazing is the benchmark for new homes or those with newly insulated windows, triple-glazing is becoming increasingly [...]

  • Fixed Special Shape Windows

Special-Shaped Fixed Windows: Benefits And Drawbacks

On the positive side, special shape windows serve as architectural focal points, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space while allowing ample natural light to permeate. They also contribute to improved energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss. However, special-shaped [...]

  • Window Condensation Replacement

Condensation On A Bedroom Window: How To Get Rid Of It?

Have you noticed condensation on your windows? Are you wondering if this is normal? The answer isn't always clear and may depend on your situation. These little droplets of water are not without consequence though, they threaten dampness and [...]