Add a touch of luxury and style to your bathroom with a glass shower door. When renovating or building a new bathroom, it’s important to choose the right shower door and pay special attention to how it fits within your overall design.

What are the different types of shower doors?

There are three main types of shower doors:

  1. Framed shower doors have a metal frame that surrounds the glass panels. This type of door is the most affordable, but it is also the least visually appealing.
  2. Semi-frameless shower doors have a metal frame that supports the weight of the glass panels, but the frame is hidden behind the glass. This type of door is a good compromise between affordability and style.
  3. Frameless shower doors have no metal frame at all, giving them a clean and modern look. Frameless shower doors are the most expensive type of shower door, but they are also the most visually appealing.

What type of glass is used in shower doors?

The type of glass used in shower doors is very important. Shower doors are constantly exposed to water and soap, so the glass needs to be durable and resistant to stains and etching.

The most common type of glass used in shower doors is tempered glass. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is several times stronger than regular glass. If tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small, pebble-like pieces that are less likely to cause injury.

Another type of glass that is sometimes used in shower doors is laminated glass. Laminated glass is made up of two layers of glass that are bonded together with a thin layer of plastic. Laminated glass is even stronger than tempered glass, and it also has the added benefit of being shatterproof.

How do I choose the right shower door for my bathroom?

When choosing a shower door for your bathroom, there are a few things you need to consider:

  1. The size of your shower: Measure your shower carefully (twice) before you purchase a shower door. You want to make sure that the door is the right size for your shower opening, and that it will not interfere with any other fixtures in the bathroom. We can help with this.
  2. The style of your bathroom: Consider the overall style of your bathroom when choosing a shower door and consider how the hinge or tracks will be supported. If you have a modern bathroom, you may want to choose a frameless shower door. If you have a more traditional bathroom, you may want to choose a framed or semi-frameless shower door. Make sure a glass door will not swing open into other bathroom items that could crack the glass (like the corner of a vanity).
  3. Your budget: Shower doors range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. As with most things, you generally get what you pay for, so expect quality to increase with price. We’ve all fought a battle with a cheap shower door,

How do I install a shower door?

If you are not comfortable installing the shower door yourself, it is best to hire a professional.

If you are installing the shower door yourself, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Shower doors can be heavy and difficult to install, so it is important to take your time and be careful.

How long do shower doors last?

Shower doors can last for many years, depending on the type of shower door you have and how well you care for it. Framed and semi-frameless shower doors typically last for 10-15 years. Frameless shower doors can last for 20 years or more.

If you follow the tips above, you can choose and install the right shower door for your bathroom, and enjoy it for many years to come.

Professional installers such as Schaaf can help you!

Are you uncertain about your shower door choices?

Do you want to explore custom options?

If you’re unsure about choosing the perfect shower doors for your bathroom, a great company can help you select the right style, material, and finish to complement your bathroom’s aesthetics and decor. The Schaaf team can offer expert advice, provide design suggestions, and help you bring your vision of the ideal shower doors to life!

Remember: shower doors are often overlooked, but they can greatly impact your bathroom’s overall style and feel.

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