This is a common question among a lot of homeowners, and understandably so since the average person isn’t generally a window expert. Really though, there’s no exact answer to this question and we’ll explain why.

Buyer Beware

A company that is willing to give you a quoted price without coming to your house to measure or discussing your options and what you’re looking for is not going to be giving you an honest price. Typically that means it’s a high-balled price so that they’re covered for whatever you choose, and then they may bargain it down with you if you pushback. Every house has different sized windows and there are dozens of different options that can all affect the price, so be wary for someone trying to throw numbers at you right off the bat.

What Affects the Cost?

Window costs are determined by a number of different factors. For one, the larger the size of the window the more money it is, but the largest price factor tends to be the product that you choose. For instance, a small wood-clad window may cost quite a bit more than a large vinyl window. There are reasons to choose both as there is give and take on price and quality, and even within those products you’ll have other options that can have a huge effect on price. Colors on vinyl windows increase cost, the finishing level on a wood window will vary in cost depending on your choice, and then even down to things like hardware selection and grille patterns must be hammered out to get a final price.

What about an Estimated Cost?

With some details it’s possible to ballpark a cost. But to illustrate how much one window can vary in cost even when you have a size, a 30” x 60” window can cost as little as $200 or so and as much as $1,200+. If you’re replacing your windows, then there’s installation costs on top of that and that can even vary depending on what’s currently in your house. This should give you some idea of what costs you could be looking at, but also just how much it can vary.

How to Get an Exact Price

The best, and only, way to get a true price on your windows is to have someone come out to your house, take measurements, and go over your options and make selections. Our install experts can answer your questions and walk you through the process, which will help narrow down what you’re looking for. If it’s a new house you’re buying windows for then come into our showroom and look at the different options and you can even get exact price differences if you’re between a couple of options. The process can sound like a lot, but it’s usually a big purchase so you want to get what you want and we can help walk you through it.

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