As the focal point of your home’s curb appeal, the front door is an important part of any home, and there’s many benefits to replacing an old, outdated, or failing door. We’ve identified six key benefits that you’ll find if you decide to go through with the replacement process.

1. Increased Curb Appeal

Probably the biggest and most obvious benefit is the enhanced curb appeal that the new door will bring to your home. It’ll make your home feel refreshed and gives you a chance to add personal touch to your home.

2. Increased Home Value.

With increased curb appeal comes a higher home value. Depending on the study you read, a new front door averages a 65-75% return on investment in an increased sell price on your home.

3. Increased Durability/Decreased Maintenance.

Many older doors are damaged with dings, dents, broken glass, or just are chipping and falling apart. A new fiberglass door eliminates the chances of dents and dings, while also eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

4. Increased Energy Efficiency.

It’s common for older doors to become drafty and leak air, not to mention they’re made of much less energy efficient material. Replacing your door with professional installers eliminated any air leakage, and with new door technology that’s more focused on energy efficiency you’ll improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

5. Increased Security.

With multi-point lock options you can increase the strength and security of your entryway by securing your door top, center, and bottom. Other options, such as an aluminum-clad frame, can also improve the overall security of the door versus a traditional frame and deadbolt.

6. Increased Personal Happiness.

It’s hard to put a value on the feeling of making your house more your own. Replacing your front door allows you to put your own personal stamp on your home and it’s something you’ll be reminded of every time you look at it.

The first step in beginning the process is to start researching what door you like. There are literally thousands of options, so browsing online is usually the best place to start to begin narrowing it down. When you have an idea you can then call a company like ours that will be able to sell and install the door for you. At Schaaf we can take your ideas and guide you through the ordering process with the correct brand and options that are going to best suite you, and then our professionally trained installers will handle the installation process with a flawless touch.

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